Unfinshed Work Of Jesus

John 19:30
INTRODUCTION:No man ever lived accomplished more in such a brief life span than did Jesus of Nazareth. We read of his preaching, travels, miracles and parables – all with great interest and profit. But has he become a nebulous thing to us? Someone who lived so long ago that he is removed from us? God forbid! Even though the work he did while he lived upon this earth was great, the work he is doing now is equally important. Our text finds him saying, “it is finished” – and so it was. But he did more than merely die – he lives and continues to work. And so let us look at that work that is still unfinished; work that he is still busy about.

A. His personal ministry.
        1. Came to redeem man (Lk. ; Heb. ).
        2. His sacrificial work is done (Heb. -12).
        3. His revelation is complete (Jude 3; Gal. 1:9).
        4. Jesus himself summed this up (John 17:4).
    B. His apostolic work is done.
        1. By this we mean the work of his apostles.
        2. Inspired to teach the truth (John ; ).
        3. Their teaching confirmed by miracles (Heb. 2:1-4).
        4. Apostles had no successors.
    A. Reigning as King.
        1. King now – in fact and in act (Acts ; Col. 1:13).
        2. Must be sanctified as Lord (1 Pet. ).
        3. Reign continues to the end of time (1 Cor. ).
        4. Christians have a “dual citizenship.”
            i.Citizens serving “Caesar.”
            ii. More importantly, citizens of heaven (Phi.. ).
            iii.Wonderful thought – we are willing servants of the greatest King
                who ever lived!
    B. His work as head of his church.
        1. Not a part of human denominationalism.
        2. But one body; his church (Col. 1:18; Eph. -23).
        3. As the head governs the body, so Christ governs his church.
        4. How he rules.
            i. By precept (John ).
            ii. By example (1 Pet. ).
C. Adding to the church.
        1. Obedient believers added (Acts ).
            i. Note who does the “adding.”
        2. Continuing work – Pentecost until the end of time.
        3. When one obeys the gospel, the beneficent attitude of Jesus
            toward him is that he will gladly take him as one of his own!
            i. Now a part of the family of God, with all the privileges and
               rights of an heir of the greatest kingdom ever!
    D. With those who preach and teach his word.
        1. Promised this to his apostles (Matt. 28:20).
        2. Blesses; encourages preaching and teaching (Acts 18:9-11).
        3. But – will bless only the truth – doctrines of men are vain and
            Jesus has no part in them (Matt. 15:9).
    E. His work of intercession.
        1. Asks that we pray in his name (John ).
            i. Promises then to respond.
        2. He is our mediator (1 Tim. 2:5; 1 John 1:1-2).
        3. Still makes intercession for us (Heb. ; ).
    F. Perfecter of our faith.
        1. All things to edify to bring us to where we ought to be
            (Eph. 4:8-12; cf. 1 Cor. ).
        2. What he begins he will finish (Heb. 12:2)!
    G. His work of judgment.
        1. Comes at the last day (John ;l Heb. 9:27-28).
        2. A God-appointed position (Acts -31).
CONCLUSION: The work of Jesus thus falls into two categories – that which is finished and that which he is still doing. We are thankful for what he did and certainly for what he still does. His finished work was done while he walked upon the earth; his unfinished work is being done from his exalted position at the right hand of God. Let us be thankful that God has not forgotten us!