Repudiation Of Cheap Religion

                            REPUDIATION OF CHEAP RELIGION 
                                2 Samuel 24:18-25

INTRO: Note the account of events leading up to our text. Now
Araunah wished to give the site for the altar, along with the animals
and fuel for sacrifice. But David insisted on paying. He said: "I will
not offer burnt offerings unto the Lord of that which costs me nothing."
This attitude is worthy of adoption by Christians today. We see in this
some things  that ought to motivate us, even as they did David.

    A. God has majesty and excellence (Psa. 8:1). 
        1. So should be served with the best we have. 
        2. Insult to God to bring unworthy gifts (Mal. 1:7-8, 14). 
        3. Outward demonstration of how we come before God an indicator 
            of what is on the inside (Matt.

    A. God's gifts to us are great. 
        1. Consider his wonderful blessings (1 Sam. ). 
        2. His great love to us (Eph. 2:4). 
        3. His sinless Son (John ). 
    B. Yet, how do we often thank God? 
        1. By lip service without sacrificial service. 
        2. By attending 2 or 3 worship services per week. 
        3. What does such service really cost us?

    A. David concerned about the people (v. 17). 
    B. God's kingdom to be extended. 
        1. The great commission (Mk. -16). 
    C. All should learn to do their part. 
        1. Some shirk duty; compels others to do more than their share. 
. This thought should move each to do his proper share of the 
            gift of labor - don't try to get by cheaply!

    A. Spend lavishly on their "idols." 
        1. Pleasure, material things, ease, etc. 
        2. One may ask: "but what is wrong with these?" 
            i. Everything in the world wrong with them - if they cause us 
                to serve God negligently! 
            ii. Not God's plan that anything separate you from him – if 
                anything between you and God, it is either
 with your permission, 
                or by your choice. 
        3. Challenge: consider what you spend on these and compare it 
            with what you give to God! 
                i. The answer will tell you where your heart is! 
    B. Liberality of many. 
        1. Few in every circle who are generous in deed and gift - both 
            to God and man. 
        2. Those not stingy with their fellow man normally won't be with 
            God either! 
    C. The cost of serving God. 
        1. Cost some property, liberty or life (Heb. ; Acts
; Col. 1:24). 
    D. Example of Jesus. 
        1. See the cost he paid (2 Cor. 8:9; Tit. ). 
        2. Think of this when tempted to offer cheap sacrifices to 
            lip service, appearance' sake, etc. 
        3. Such try to sacrifice to God of "that which cost them nothing."

    A. It is unreal - a mere name and pretence. 
        1. Real religion begins with the cost of thought and prayer. 
        2. Moves the heart of zeal and generosity. 
    B. It is unacceptable - God abhors it. 
        1. Wants the heart involved (Amos -27). 
    C. It is fruitless of good - now and hereafter. 
        1. Answers no substantial end in religion. 
        2. Does not elevate or improve the worshipper. 
        3. Such will have their portion with hypocrites (Matt. 24:51).

    A. God lets none be a loser who faithfully serves him. 
        1. Notice Jesus' promise (Matt. 25:29). 
        2. "Great is your reward in heaven" (Matt. ). 
        3. God's promise to sacrificial servers (Mal. 3:8-10).

CONCLUSION: What is your attitude toward your service to God?
Are you willing to really sacrifice, or are you content to give God
only of that "which costs you nothing?"