Taylors Church of Christ: church in Taylors, SC

Where to start?

We are a church of Christ patterned after the New Testament example of local churches believing that God provides an answer for everything we do in doctrine and practice in his written Word, the Bible.  Our assemblies are simple - find out why here.

Bible Study

Bible studies, topical bulletin articles, sermon outlines, and many other resources that may be helpful in your personal study and service to Christ.

Jesus Christ is THE WAY

What do you know about Jesus? Sewell Hall's 7-lesson Bible correspondence course is free and will assist you in knowing more about Jesus Christ as both your Lord and Savior. Click here to begin your study today.

Audio/Video Lessons

Your past doesn't matter.  Christ's plan is for everyone.  Age, money, race, appearance, social status, and past mistakes and decisions don't matter.  We're just trying to help one another be more like Jesus everyday.

In following Christ, and in accepting God's grace and forgiveness, anyone can find what they need.